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I am a comic reviewer for I enjoy reading mainstream and independent comics. I have interviewed various artists, and writers in the comic community. such as Joe Kubert, Frank Beddor, and Nate Barlow, and others to come. I have been a comic collector for over thirty years. I still have the same excitement today when I read my first comic title. I hope to present the same vigor to the readers of this blog. JD

Monday, November 12, 2018

The day I meet Stan Lee

Stan Lee a Remembrance
By John L. Daniels Jr

Today I learned that Stan "the man" Lee has passed away at the age of 95.

I am not only a comic periodical aficionado, but I loved the creators, inkers and artists of this medium. There has been no other person more recognized in this medium other than Stan Lee.

I was able to meet him at Dalton bookstore at a book signing in the early 1990's.
Mr Lee was signing the book Marvel. Mr Lee wrote the introduction to Marvel by Les Daniels.

Now I was familiar with Mr Daniels work because he wrote other works about comic book history. I read his book Comix.

As I stood in line in the rain to meet him, I was thinking of what to say, and I hope I don't act like
a dunce and start stuttering which I did when I got excited.

When it was my turn in line, he was so delightful and just as excited as I was, like he was waiting
to meet me. I was staring at him like wow its him....he asked me how do you want me to sign the book?  I said however you want me Lee, and I also have a couple of Number one issues I would like for him to sign. He said "that's all".

Believe me there were so many fans wanting to sign so much memorabilia, so my few comic books was nothing. I told him that he was part of my life for so many years, at that moment I sang the cartoon theme song to Captain America. "When Captain America throws his mighty shield" Mr. Lee was in awe. He said "You remember that"? I said yes, you were so much of my life and childhood!
He said well God Bless you and take care...

That is why I can look back at all the Marvel comics I have read, collected and cherished with fond memories!

So Stan Lee God Bless you!

Friday, February 16, 2018

"Black Panther Movie is Fantastic"

Black Panther
By Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios has released the Movie Black Panther too enthusiastic fans.
By John L. Daniels

This Morning I saw the movie Black Panther, it is one of the best Super Hero movies
I have ever seen. The visuals were outstanding, the action was very well paced and the characterization by the actors was spectacular.

This is the movie I have been waiting to see for over 40 years....

Please see this movie, again and again. While sitting in the movie theater I was seated
next to someone, who has already seen it "Four times".

Incredible storytelling and the movie reflects outstanding social awareness and for all people.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

A new Quest!

Saturday morning cartoons re-imagined in a DC Comic Periodical
John L. Daniels, Jr.

Future Quest #1

DC Comics
Writer: Jeff Parker
Artists: Evan Shaner, Steve Rude
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire

As a kid growing up in the late sixties, Saturday morning cartoons were dominated by the world of Hanna-Barbera productions. Some which will be re-vamped and re-imaged by DC Comics in the following months.

Future Quest is the first installment; back in the sixties there was a cartoon show named Johnny Quest.
The show centers around the adventures of the son of a famous scientist named Benton Quest, who was summoned by the government to investigate strange occurrences around the globe. Along with him was his son Johnny, his adoptive brother Hadji and their body guard Race Bannon, tagging along was Johnny's pet dog Bandit. Among the other more daring and adventurous Cartoons by Hanna-Barbara were: Space Ghost and Dino Boy, The Herculoids, The Mighty Mightor and Moby Dick, Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles, and Shazzan. These groups of cartoon characters were from the future, some where back in time and from galaxies far away.

Now DC Comics is bringing back these characters to help and assist Johnny Quest in a new comic called Future Quest. As a big fan of all these characters I am very excited and intrigued by the story line. I was not dissapointed. The concept was very believable in today's science of time travel and portals from other worlds. While reading this book I could not help but think of the infinite crisis sagas only done with Hanna-Barbera Saturday Morning Superstars and you have Future Quest....

Also, not to be outdone in the re-imagining of Hanna-Barbara Characters DC is also re-imaging Saturday morning cartoon favorites; Scooby Doo, The Wacky Races and get this The Flintstones....Now that is a real Quest.

Friday, August 23, 2013

We need to keep marching

March Book On

Writers:  John Lewis and Andrew Aydin
Artists: Nate Powell
Publisher: Top shelf  

We need to keep marching - the 50th anniversary on the March on Washington
By John L. Daniels, Jr

How have the anniversary on the historic march on Washington changed America and the district of Colombia.?
The nation has seen the civil rights amendment passed only to be taken away.  People from all nations experienced the historic speech of Martin Luther King and see a memorial in his honor erected in 2013.

All of this has been seen and experienced biographically and graphically by John Lewis the stalwart civil rights activist and congressman from Georgia.

The book is an outstanding book for everyone, and for the young readers to read and feel the incredible journey of a man who felt the desire for social injustice.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


My Friends,

All have wondered about the lengthy absence of The Inquisitive Critiquer, it has caused concern and questions from the loyal fandoms of comics.

Let the rumors be put to rest, The Inquisitive Critiquer's rest was well needed. There have been many changes in the world of Comic Periodicals and Books in general, and now it's time to comeback to this media.

Now with vigor and restored creative motivation. I will return to do my best reviews and interviews for all.

For those who have read my reviews and the many creative artisan's I have interviewed, Thank you for letting me be your voice and give insight to your project and talent. Please continue to give me the opportunity to put your products in the spotlight and to the give it that distinct voice it truly deserves.

If you are interested in The Inquisitive Critiquer in reviewing your works in the Comic periodical media or any other book reviews, please leave information in the comment field.


The Inquisitive Critiquer


Friday, October 15, 2010

Hatter M the Nature of Wonder is Magical!

Hatter M: The Nature of Wonder, Volume 3.

Publisher: Automatic Pictures Publishing

Author: Frank Beddor

Writer: Liz Cavalier

Artist: Sami Makkonen

Book Cover: Vance Kovacs


A Natural Masterpiece of Wonder!

By John L. Daniels, Jr.

Frank Beddor writes a great new visionary graphic novel, Hatter M the Nature of Wonder that enthralls readers into the realm of Hatter M.

Beddor and Liz Cavalier’s ingenious captions, which intertwine the past with the present storyline, builds a reader’s anticipation and promotes great use of one’s imagination while living the storyline with enjoyment. The quest of Hatter M has a wonderful paradoxical storyline progression. Though the storyline parallels past Hatter M adventures; Hatter M. continues to meet historical and scientific characters through his quest to find Alyss. In this story Hatter M meets a historical character from the civil war era who voiced equality and freedom for African Americans. Hatter and this freedom icon also share a love and flair for hats.

Each chapter in this work of art explores a different era of time that surrounds Hatter Madigan; whether it’s the patients’ asylum dance at the presence of Hatter M or meeting his new civil war allies. During his adventure with two new colleagues, Hatter meets another new ally from another realm who will help him with his quest to find Alyss. The chapters reveal secrets, and magical tricks to lure Hatter M through our realm.

Sami Makkonen has the artistic flair of a Zen master. The panels and background flow rhythmically with specks and trickles of dark inks. The use of bright pops of color and water color washed hues are stunning, and induce one to reminiscence of antique glass slide viewing. The book cover artistry by Ernie Kovacs also draws and excites the reader to quickly open the book to continue the feeling of warm but deep darkness and pure visionary splendor.

The progression of Hatter M’s character is present in this nature of wonder story, with a realm of imagination and the wonders of trust in others. This is truly another masterpiece of written wonderment and visual artistry. It is obvious that a read of Hatter M. The Nature of Wonder ends all thoughts of wonder - why Beddor’s Mad with Wonder won the 2010 IPPY award for best graphic novel.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Neal Adams Returns!


The Pristine Batman
By John L. Daniels Jr.

As any comic historian knows, BOB Kane was the creator of The Batman. The character was dark and avenging against villains. During the 1950's the presentation of Batman had a quirky wholesome persona. Then in the late 60's and early seventies the transformation began with the artist Neal Adams putting his indelible imprint on the suave and sophisticated and daring hard hitting detective with the slick riding corvette as his Batmobile.

The DC adventures were up to the times of the transitional seventies. Neal Adams was ahead his time. Adams had the vision to portray the character dealing with the crime and the social issues and experiences that related to the time.

Now Neal Adams returns to comics writing, drawing the series Batman Odyssey. Adams
presents the Batman as only he can, excellently!.The story is action-packed from panel to panel.

I implore any comic book aficionado who remembers the quality of Mr. Adams bronze age run with Batman tile and the Green Lantern and Green Arrow series of the seventies will be amazed and relive the aura of this fantastic storyteller and legendary artist.

This is pure enjoyment, do not miss this 6-part series.