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Friday, December 08, 2006

JSA'S Sensational Return!!!

Justice Society of America #1
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Artists: Dale Eaglesham
Inker: Art Thibert

The JSA returns!
By John L. Daniels, Jr.

DC Comics once again have re-invented The Justice Society of America with the help of their prolific writer Geoff Johns.

Over the past 62 years, the Justice Society of America team has taken on many changes. From its original conception in All Star comics #3 published by National Publications until its demise with issue # 57 until its rebirth published by DC Comics with issue # 58 in 1976. The team returned as the Super Squad, with new members showing the Star-Spangled kid and Robin from Earth II with the prologue of Power Girl. Then in 1981, DC Comics renamed the title and team into the All Star Squadron. Ah, yes the cover of the issue All Star Squadron #1 by Rich Buckler of Hawkman, Dr. Midnite and The golden age Atom look at potential prospects is Ominous and reminiscent to this brand new #1 issue. The past Justice Society of America and Justice League of America stories surround the selection process of new members has continually kept readers in suspense and begging the question. Who will be picked and hold the distinct honor of becoming a member of one of the longest-standing teams in comic book history?

In a selection process there is always someone who thinks they are the only individual to have the ultimate say. In meetings you have your occasional bantering and your finger points and the inevitable raising of the voices, which turns into hollering and as we witnessed lately in some government election results, pure fisticuffs. I proclaim that superheroes and government officials should practice an inquisitive protocol selection process, hey let us be realistic they are role models of us civilians.

Well Mr. Wildcat is coughing up a fur ball about the brand new blood selected for The Justice Society of America, which he is a founding member. I guess Wildcat is tired of all the many applicants over time that he had to bring up as babes in the woods, and wet behind the ears and teach them the real way to be a champion, having character. Nope that is not it; his way is a swiftly left to the jaw and be done with prisoners like Degaton or Vandal Savage.

Therefore, The JSA is a combination of the rich age core foundering mixed in with the new breed of young whippersnapper's, so what is ahead of this new team of heroes?

What is The Inquisitive critiquer's opinion for this new title of JSA?
Readers get ready for a Kick-Ass Series.

The writing by Geoff Johns is amazing, he seems never to get tired of writing about the adventures of the JSA, and that is a treat for the many JSA and Geoff John's fans.
As with any first issue in a run, characterization is crucial so we may view many changes in the following months to catch the reader's attention. In other words, how long will it take before a villain interrupts the selection process and the real action begins? Not long at all.

The drawing by Dale Eaglesham is vibrant and expressively presented. Eaglesham's artistry has the same qualities of presenting a golden age look to the characters. Along with inking extraordinaire Art Thibert, both talents could accompany the days of the X-men series when Thibert teamed up with Jim Lee.

In one panel where Green Lantern is placing the photograph of Liberty Belle on the calk board, the detail of his hand and ring magnifies distinction and human anatomy detail. While comparing some of the panels in this issue and simultaneously looking at a reprint of the old All-Star Comics Issue #1 and the All-Star Comics reprint #58 as well as All-Star Squadron #4, I studied the distinctive qualities what make artists of any era unique. Only one word comes to mind “Skill” and Thibert and Eaglesham has it.

Justice Society of America #1 is a colossal first issue, not in size; this issue is colossal in the depth of storytelling and the exciting artwork. After reading the issue I felt the adrenaline running inside, I did not want the story to end; I cannot wait until the next issue. As the character, Damage said in a panel about joining the JSA “What could you possibly offer me?” My reply summed up in a single inquisitive word “Excitement!”

The Justice Society of America #1 deserves an Inquisitive rating of five.


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