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Friday, February 02, 2007

Sal Velluto Interview!

Artist: Sal Velluto

Did you design the current Captain Gravity?

Not completely. I was inspired by some unpublished pages done by fellow-artist Mike Lilly. I’ve pushed his concept a little further by adding some more definite Art-Deco elements. For some reason, I vaguely remember an old “Rocketeer” VHS tape being involved in the process, but I can’t remember why...

Did you base your design on the previous by the original series by Steven Vrattos, Keith Martin, Rober Quijano?

Sure. Why not? I wish those guys could produce more stuff, especially Rober who I remember for his talent and enthusiasm, even before he got into the business.

Do you feel Captain Gravity is a memorable series such as the Black Panther series you both you and Bob Almond won accolades for your artistic talents?

Not yet. But it can be. Like the success with Marvel’s Black Panther came mainly because of “word of mouth” Captain Gravity is coming to the attention of more and more readers. Both the character and his story environment have potential for a greater fruition, and have even sparked the interest of a few executives in the larger entertainment business.

Who were some of the artists that influenced you in the comic book industry?

Hal Foster, Alex Raymond, Stan Drake, Neal Adams, John Buscema, Austin Briggs, Sy Barry... Can you see a trend there, beside the fact that most of them have passed on to Cartoonists’ Heaven?

What was your first assignment?

My first published comic book in the US was Marvel’s Power Pack # 37. (June 1988)
It was inked by the late Stan Drake (“Blondie”, “The Heart of Juliet Jones”) one of my idols.

The spread pages for the Captain Gravity series title popped with action and realism, how do you define your art style?

I would call it... “Popping Art” since the term “Pop Art” is already taken. Would you like extra butter with it?

How important is it to have a nucleus with the inker and the writer?

I categorically deny any “nuclear” involvement with those guys. However, I’m proud of my 10-year collaboration with (inker extraordinaire) Bob Almond and am pleased to have worked with Joshua Dysart on one of his early scripts. After CG, Joshua has produced very good stuff for high profile titles like “Swamp Thing” and “Conan”. However, in the “Power of the Vril” story you can see the seeds of his successful writing career.

Would you like to work on another Captain Gravity series for the fans?

There have been plenty of talks. There have been proposals for another graphic novel and beyond. The good intentions are there, but as the saying goes, “you know what” is paved with good intentions.

The release of this trade paperback containing new material is exciting. What would like fans to come away with reading Captain Gravity? What are your feelings towards this amazing accomplishment? For what I feel is the greatest comic book novel series I have ever read.

My question is: “Why don’t you like it?” Joking aside, I think readers will get their money’s worth. There’s enough entertainment value in the book to capture the interest of a wide audience of readers. Some of them might even get so involved in the story that they’ll be able to hear the soundtrack we have subliminally inserted in the book...


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